Love & Loyalty (Faith, Love and Devotion)

Love & Loyalty - Tere Michaels Tore through this one in a little over 24 hours (stayed up until 4am reading one night, then finished the next day while getting hair colored and highlighted.) I was at about 90% when my hair was finished...then I sat in the car in the parking lot and read through to the end before I went home.Not the same heart-wrenching emotion of the first but more watching someone dead inside come back to life. Just as touching and tugging at the heartstrings, so at least this time I didn't spend part of my reading time wiping tears off my cheeks, but still as beautiful.Bonus peek into Matt and Evan's lives that made me want to go back to their world (and lo, that's book 3 in the series...batter up!)Wonderfully crafted story. I think what I loved most was Jim's sense of humor when he finally started to live again. "No, because I love you, you moron." Just beautiful.Can't wait to really sink my teeth into #3 and watch Evan and Matt navigate the waters after their happily ever after.