Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout Hmmm. I'm still trying to decide what I think about this one.Overall, it was a well told story. Interesting worldbuilding with the Gifted, the menace of the Facility, the creepy pseudo-sinister "family" that abducts/protects Olivia and Ember. And I did like that part of it. I think the reason it's at 3 stars rather than four or five because I never really connected with the characters. Not Ember so much, because she was a very well-crafted character. I think the problem is that Armentrout did *too* good a job of making Hayden shady. So much so that when Ember found and read the files, and read all the info Theo had planted in her mind, my first guess was that Hayden was making her believe she was seeing something different than what she'd seen at first.Because of this, I guess I didn't really connect with Ember and Hayden, kept waiting for another option. Gabe, maybe? I dunno. That, and the animosity in the house felt like it just resolved too quickly. No small moments that indicated a softening of attitudes, more all of the sudden, things are rainbows.Overall a good read, but not one that's going to cause much in the way of book hangovers.*also posted on my blog here