Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride - Sarah Dessen Now on my second Dessen book and I'm sensing a pattern. My next Dessen book download came from the library while I was reading this one and I'm holding off on that revelation until I have a third to make the final determination.Onto the review for this one. I have to say I liked Auden more than McLean. She still had her issues, but in my opinion, she handled hers a little better. Or, maybe more realistically. I also liked that we got to know Eli a little better than we did Dave - there was more time together for the couple, more bonding, and perfect first kiss.I also loved the secondary characters. Especially Maggie and Heidi. And Adam. Oh, how I loved Adam. I would have had a serious crush on him in high school.I think what I liked most about the story was the theme of second chances, and the way she wove it through the whole story. Auden's second chance with a happy childhood. Her mother's, her father's. Adam's. Even Eli's. Not all of them were spelled out, but when I thought back over the story as a whole, I found them. Beautifully done.And, final word...the food fight. Perfectly timed, beautifully executed, and just amazing.