Nevermore - Kelly Creagh A little change of pace. My reviews are going to be here and here only from now on. I'm not deleting the blog, just abandoning it as a failed experiment. Hell with it. Why not keep on. It's there - if I'm not deleting, might as well repost.The reason this one lands at 3 stars instead of 4 comes from the genius of the movie/stage play Amadeus. At one point, the Emperor declares that Mozart's opera has "too many notes." That's how this book felt to me - too many words. Stephen King is a self-proclaimed sufferer of "diarrhea of the word processor" but with his stories, the words provide detailed histories, backstories. In this book, it was more like...endless description about things that really didn't matter. The whole scene with the report that went on....forever. I'd have more examples but, to be dead honest, I started skimming a lot of it.I liked the characters fine but it was hard to form strong attachments around the endless scenes of Peril followed by expostion followed by lies/misdrection followed by More Peril followed get the idea.Still. The ending intrigued me enough to want to finish the series out. But for right now I'm planning on holding off until the third book is out, or close to being out.