The Mayfair Moon: The Darkwoods Trilogy

The Mayfair Moon - J.A. Redmerski Holding this one at four because there are (more than) a few SpaG errors throughout, sometimes jarring enough to have me grinding my teeth a little. But for me, the story outweighed the errors and kept me reading.I do like the world-building of these wolves - not full on wolf-form like you see in so many others. These werewolves are the walk-upright kind. I found it kind of refreshing that the one clan, even though they're the bad guys and it's expected...but they're vicious and not all emo about it. I think that's what I liked about Isaac - as much as he has his emo side about what he is, he's also not about to stay away from Adria because of it. Nice to see selfish without going all Dimmesdale about it.I'm curious enough about Adria's dreams, about her healing, and what happens next to already have the next one loaded on my Kindle.