Bloodlines the Indigo Spell (Bloodlines (Mead - Hardcover))

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead This is where I breathe that happy exhale of a beautiful book, a wonderfully complete story.......and then let lose a primal scream because I have to wait wait wait for the next one in the series.November, I tell myself, I only have to hold on until November. I can do that.Now...onto the review.I'm usually pretty critical when I read and as I sit here I'm trying really hard to find something to comment on, something that felt off or didn't resonate with me.I've pretty much got nothing.One of the things I see authors fall down on, especially in multi-book series. I don't mean trilogies - that formula's pretty basic. Same with a continuing series (one of indeterminate length where each book is its own story.) The challenge is a series that's 5-6 books long. You have the 6-story plot arc *and* the book story arc - one needs to be furthered while still keeping some mystery, the other needs to have a beginning, middle and end.For Indigo, there was also the third plot element - the relationship between Sidney and Adrian. It had to have some movement to keep the readers engaged, but too much resolution too soon can make the second have of the story lose its pull.All three. Perfectly executed. Sidney's questions about the Alchemists (and Marcus), her own position within that community, her magical abilities, the subplots with Eddie, Jill, Angeline, and her relationships with her father, her sister and Adrian. This entire mix of plot elements were all woven together in a story that made me laugh, made me angry, and made me sigh.It also made me nearly pickle myself in a hot bath so I could finish reading it undisturbed, but that's not important right now.I desperately want to fangirl-gush, but I can't do that without spoilers. But the gushing. It would be like spring thaw in the Rockies and my fangirl is the runoff.Then there's that lovely little wrench at the very end, but that was covered in the primal scream.A definite reread for me. Several rereads. And about fifteen-twenty kindle bookmarks.