Measuring Up

Measuring Up - Nyrae Dawn When I finished this late last night (okay, early this morning,) I wondered if I would have given *this* book the five star rating instead of What a Boy Wants if I'd have read it first. Waking up this morning, I know I wouldn't have. What a Boy Wants was the stronger story.It's not that I didn't like this one, I did, but Sebastian's story was stronger. I did love Tegan, don't get me wrong. He was lovely and flawed at the same time. I also liked Annabel. Their story warmed my heart, made me cheer and sniffle, get angry and laugh out loud. They were both real in that they made mistakes, serious ones, backsliding ones, but came back stronger for their learning experiences. I think I just connected more to Sebastian than I did to Annabel. Still. I did love the way he loved her. I loved the whole progression of the story and the way some things worked out, and some things didn't. And I love that what came from heartache were two stronger people able to be fully together. It was heartwrenching to read even though I knew it had to happen. Annabel was right - she put him on a pedestal he could never have lived up to, and that she found the strength in herself to accomplish her goals outside of Tegan's encouragement.My original intent was to read Finding Carter by the same author...but then I read the synopsis. It reads a lot like this one (hero with a protection complex) so I think I'll put a few books between this one and the next, see if I can read without comparing them.* more reviews here