Styxx (Dark-Hunter Novels)

Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon Wow. Just. Wow.Full disclosure - up until 71% in, this was getting 3 stars at most. The last 30%? Rocked me off my ass - several times.The bad first - I could have seriously done without about half of the pre-modern times. Too much time with Styxx as a child. Many of these scenes could have been consolidated and they just seemed to go on forever. And then, once she did, damn omg, the near-continual rape scenes. Rape's always been a big trigger for me and I might be cured now. Overexposure to the extreme. And, seriously, if it wasn't a rape scene, it was a reference to it. I've read gay porn that didn't use the word cock that much. It got tiring after a whileThe best - okay, there were some very definite Deus ex Machina moments like Apollo's minion 'masquerading' as Styxx for the most horrible things Styxx did in Acheron and there were times I just got completely pissed off about what I saw as character assassination of Acheron. I fell in love with him during his book and it was like watching someone deface a masterpiece to see him as such an unlikeable character. Then I understood it as the book hit present day - and I remembered about the past being colored by the one viewing it. And that anger just melted away as I saw the brilliance behind it.I loved Styxx with his soldiers, and his military family. Loved his relationship with Galen so much.Then we got to present day and it went from accepted to FREAKING AWESOME. I loved watching the scenes we'd read before again but through Styxx's eyes. I loved watching Styxx find allies and find his place in this world. I loved Urian finding him and championing him to Acheron (I think that's one of my favorite scenes) and I loved it even before it was revealed that Urian was Galen The one scene that I wanted most was Styxx POV of Tory's rescue - and it was more than I hoped as well as utterly devastating at the same time.I loved seeing all of my gods and goddesses, loved the way it all came together in the end. Crap, I even loved Artemis (and the way she not only went to bits over being Gramma to Mia, even so far as joking about Acheron only having horns when he's angry - and then, then, omg, she went completely avenging angel about Nick being hurt by Apollo.Yeah. Nick/Artie. I SO ship it...which rips my heart to bits because I also ship Nick/Kody.Finally - yeah Apollo being handed naked to Apollymi. And Stryker and his wife. Gods that was beautiful. I cheered so hard I set the dog to barking like mad.The end was beautiful and perfect and just left me with warm fuzzies all over (except, of course, for the rather foreboding final chapters that, no doubt, set up the next book and the thrill I felt when I saw the Malachai mentioned, because that means some good Nick time even if I have to wait a year for it.Not sure if I'll buy the audio book because all I really want to listen to is the last half of it, but that's a decision for later. For now, I just want to reread the last 30% over and over again.