Cut & Run

Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Anyone watching my reviews for any length of time will probably look at this title and do the confused puppy head-tilt. It's not YA, it's not paranormal. But I saw one of the books in this series make a run to victory in one of the book March Madness type contests and read the description (and I spent a good amount of time in the Harry Potter and the idea of reading slash again intrigued me to pick this one up.) Then I started reading. And wow. Double wow. Wowzinga. Wowpocalypse. Add your own wow-ism here. I was blown away. I started, I couldn't stop. Not only could I not stop...but while I was reading, a book I've been waiting a year for (Chronicles of Nick: Inferno) and I didn't pause Cut & Run to read it. Not only that, but I still haven't started Inferno. I finished C&R earlier this afternoon and immediately bought and started Sticks & Stones. Ty and Zane. God in heaven. They are amazing. Utterly freaking amazing. They're broken, they're closed off, they're islands of their own misery.And they're capable of so much tenderness that a few times, I got tears in my eyes. Especially when it surprised me almost as much as it did them.I just. Go back up. See the Wow. Multiply it. I think the only book I've read recently that has more bookmarks in it is The Indigo Spell. So many scenes I know I want to go back and read again - so many I already have. And yeah, the sex was hotter than hell and done just enough to keep it real, but the story was about Ty and Zane, about a serial killer, about two broken people finding their way, alone and together, and getting lost on the way more than once. It wasn't about how often they could fuck each other. Can't wait for more. Yeah, who am I kidding. I didn't wait at all.