The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire, #1)

The Marriage Bargain - Jennifer Probst Maybe it's because I cut my teeth on Silhouette romances, but I've read this storyline SO many times that it's almost trite. And yes, I read the description beforehand so I knew what I was getting into and for $3 on Kindle, it was worth it for a fun vacation read. I thought that being written outside the Silhouette banner, it might be a little different.And it was. There was more sex. That was about it. The rest was the same rollercoaster, and predictable Oh No! moments.Don't get me wrong, I love a good sex scene. But some of them just seemed contrived. Your cheating at cards, I'm going to tackle you to look for evidence...OHMYGODTAKEMENOW. And, my personal favorite...when he stepped in dog crap and that somehow managed to lead to sex. Ohhhkay.I did like the characters - well, I liked Nick (he killed me with the little girl and the ice cream). Alexa kind of got on my nerves. Especially with the shelter dogs. Though I understand the reasons behind it, to show Alexa's compassionate side, it really pulled me out of the story. You can't expect to put more than 3 dogs in an enclosed room, where they're ripping up sheets and afgans, and not expect them to bark. Especially shelter dogs. but she managed to keep them from barking, while they were in a strange place and without a human around? Kinda hard to swallow. Also, one night wouldn't have made a difference unless they knew ten dogs were being adopted that night. When the sun came up, the shelter would still be overcrowded.Anyway. It was an okay story and a decent vacation read, but nothing that will stay with me or make the 're-read' list.