Grand Slam

Grand Slam - J.T. Cheyanne Cute story, but a few things irked under my skin like little splinters that kept the book from racking up more stars. Also realizing just how spoiled I've been by Abigail Roux. And not just the Cut & Run series, but the stand-alone Caught Running, too. I think it comes down to one defining factor - taking the time to develop not only the overall plot, but the relationship as well.Or maybe it's just down to my preference as a reader. I've never minded if I'm a 50% of a book before the characters kiss for the first time. The anticipation makes the payoff that much more enjoyable. Brock and Spencer are insta-lust - the dance around "does he play for my team" is utterly wiped away via the deus ex machina" in the form of a 4 year old piping up about her uncle's sexual preference at their first dinner together (the day they meet.) That paves the way for first date sex...and then lots more of it.I've never made it a secret that I prefer story over sex - and this book wasn't it. Maybe it's why I'm so enamored with Cut & Run. Ty and Zane have a very active sex life, but every scene that's written out has a meaning, something deeper going on other than the mechanics. Same with Campbell and Brandon in Caught Running. That was lacking here.It was a good book, a cute story, but nothing I'll go back to again.