In the Band (Luminescent Juliet #1)

In the Band (Luminescent Juliet #1) - Jean Haus Cute story. Not a long read or a heavily involved plot. There's a good bit of angst, a good conflict between the two main characters, It's what I'd call a perfect beach or long-car-trip read. I think one of the things that drew me the most (apart from Romeo and Riley, but I'll get to them) is the brilliant job the author did with the cycle of depression/enabling. It never starts out as a conscious decision - just one little choice after another until those decisions are habits. You make dinner one night, then the next, and a week later you're making dinner all the time and the depressed has one less reason to climb out.As a depression sufferer, I'm always interested to see how other authors handle the subject and I have to say it was very, very well handled here. Riley's mom has her moments of robe-and-bed, but she's mostly functional. Especially with Riley picking up her slack. She's not a caricature of the disease but a very well-written sufferer. It was hard to watch her hit bottom, but necessary for her, and for Riley, to find that bottom so they could both begin to climb back out.Romeo. Oh Romeo (sorry. had to.) He was such a complete and utter jerk. At first. Of course. I thought it was going to head in the direction of 'love turning him around' until the first time Jamie came to band practice. it was the first glimpse he gave us that the dick persona was just that. A costume he pulled on and zipped up. The reasons for it melted my heart just as they melted Riley's and made the times he put it back on again that much harder.Riley I loved to pieces even when I wanted to shake her. I saw why she was doing what she was doing, I even understood why she was doing it. I still wanted to slap her upside the head for it. What I really loved was her reactions to music - to when she played, the longing when she heard the drumline, the bubble she was in when she was onstage. I didn't understand a lot of the terminology, but I could hear the sounds she described perfectly. Fabulous story, well written characters, and makes me want to read more from this author sooner rather than later.