The Fake Boyfriend Experiment

The Fake Boyfriend Experiment - Stephanie Rowe I downloaded this onto my Kindle on a whim before we left on a 9 hour car trip thinking it would at least alleviate some of the boredom while my husband drove. I did not expect to groan when it was my turn to drive and I had to put it down for a few hours. When we switched off again, I grabbed my Kindle like an addict so I could finish it.A delightful story with a lovely heroine. She's flawed, she lies, she wants so much to break out of the glass walls surrounding her, she makes poor choices and suffers for them. On the way, Lily learns the importance of being true to herself and finds a renewed passion for her music and love along the way. It was such a joy watching her develop, to come into her own, and learn from those mistakes.Brilliant story, one I know I'll read again