Crash (Crash, #1)

Crash (Crash, #1) - Nicole  Williams The characters are more caricatures, the story jumps months over itself yet the characters interact like no time has passed.Really? Event A happened three months ago and you're just now getting around to talking about it with your friend?Your dad knew The Big Plot Reveal...and said nothing?Ugh. I kinda wanted to give Luce a few good shakes several times in this story. You'd think after nearly being burned alive, she'd believe Jude when he says "don't trust this person." (Not that the burning alive had any real effect on her...since all she missed was her hair, and never a thought for the dog.)But Jude gets crap marks, too. If you've found "the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with...doesn't it stand to reason you'd introduce her to someone who has "been your best friend since first grade?"Just ugh. Weak storytelling and weak characters. I'll give the sequel a pass, thanks.