Where You Are

Where You Are - J.H. Trumble Trigger warning - this book deals with a teacher/student relationship and one that doesn't pull a lot of punches. I put it under young adult because there aren't any graphic sex scenes, but sex is alluded to. And often. That said, I ate this book up like a bag of Lays potato chips. I couldn't put it down...even though I started reading it at work. I read, worked a little, snuck in another chapter. Then came home and read all the way through until I finished. I couldn't tell, until the very end, how it was going to all turn out and even when I started to see the fins in the water (fins the characters didn't see) I just couldn't see the resolution. Even when it was happening. The only thing I didn't like was Robert's rather blase reaction during one very pivotal scene that I won't elaborate on for spoiler reasons.In the end, though, it was a beautiful story - funny and heartbreaking and maddening and lovely. Highly recommend it.