Here Without You (Between the Lines #4)

Here Without You - Tammara Webber Wow. That's what I thought. A whole pile of wow with a side order of awesome.Oh yeah, and a whole basket of tears on the side. I was literally bawling by the end of it (good tears) and just...yeah. It may be a while before I have any words that make sense for how much I loved the last in this series and the series as a whole.Reid. Oh my God, Reid. From Between the Lines to now. You've made me angry, sad, you've broken my heart, made me laugh and made me sigh.And now I want to read the whole series again, end to end, even though I JUST finished listening to the first three audiobooks last month.Three words will haunt me for days and probably make it impossible for me to concentrate on any other book for awhile.