Caught Running

Caught Running - Abigail Roux;Madeleine Urban I'm continuing to be totally blown away by these authors and they beautiful way they craft a story. I'm a longtime reader of romances - and have been known to stop reading if I don't find one, or if the one I'm supposed to be falling for leaves me cold.Conversely, if I find one I love? That book is usually read at light speed. I will read at work, at lunch, when I have five minutes waiting to pick someone up, at the drive through, etc. Caught Running was one of the second. I had it with me while I treated myself to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and when I got out to my car, I sat in a parking garage and read until I finished the chapter I was on....then made myself drive home, do laundry, etc. before I settled to finish. And yes, that's the reason we'll be eating at 7pm. I couldn't *not* finish it, not with two chapters to go.(Side note - one of the things I loved about the first book from these two - Cut & Run - was that even though an adult title, the sex scenes were limited to two. That's not so much the case as the series runs on and wasn't with this one. I know some people love it and can't get enough of it....but unless there's something plot-centric reason, I found myself skimming the sex. There are only so many times I can read it before it just starts to feel repetitive rather than stimulating.)And even though the sex is somewhat everpresent once it happens, the book itself passes my ultimate romance test. Even without the sex, even if it faded out when the guys got naked, it would still be a lovely, funny, heartwarming love story. Because it would still have Jake being a smartass and Brandon being all introverted and nerdy, and both of them being terrified of losing what they thought they'd never find.