Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Yep. Ty and Zane continue to utterly slay me. I cannot get enough and already have the next book queued on my Kindle.Inferno continues to sit patiently waiting for me. I'm comforting myself that since it'll be another year before the next CoN book, I'm just saving myself a year long wait. The way these two dance around each other warms me and breaks my heart at the same time. Without any real spoilers, I'll just say that I gasped out loud during the jump into the pool scene. Nuff said.I'm actually taking a little Ty and Zane break and reading another from this pair - one not part of a series.So I guess for now my young adult contemporary/young adult paranormal romance fetish is taking a short break into the land of Boys Only.Damn, but there's just something about M/M stories sometimes. I didn't realize how much I missed slash until it was firmly* back in my life again.*no pun intended :)