Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux Have to admit. After the way the last book ended, I was terrified. Worst cliffhanger ever for my poor heart.So I was very, very glad that the "walls closing in" part didn't linger and that my favorite boys were back together again...and in stupendous fashion.I did pause right after their reunion - and Zane gave him the necklace!!! - to read Julian and Cam's book (Warrior's Cross) and I'm so glad I did because it made A & D so much more fun knowing just how Cam and Julian got together.The rest of the book. Oh happy, happy (and thankfully Ty didn't end up near death's door this time!) It was a fast paced run, a fabulous surprise twist to the main action plot at the end, and...and...oh my boys. I do love them so very much.(Side note - Nick's story about what happened to Ty and him while they were POWs utterly broke my heart in did Nick himself. I kinda want him to have his own book now. Like a lot. A lot a lot.)