Touched - Corrine Jackson There's a parenthetical after the title on GR, calling it the first in the series, but no indication on the author's page here or her website that there's another incoming any time soon. The end did open itself up for a sequel but...even if there is one, I don't know that I'll be going along for the ride.The worldbuilding is strong enough, even if there are a few plotholes scattered through it. This is just one of those stories that seemed to take *forever* to read; and not in the sense that it was so complex you had to read slowly way. It felt more like I was caught in a time loop, or the movie Groundhog Day. Over and over the same things - want to touch you, can't touch you without hurting you. For the first half, I couldn't tell from one scene to the next how Asher was going to act towards Remy. Aloof, angry, adoring. Hell, sometimes it would change within the same scene.And I still can't figure out how they can touch each other without pain most of the time, then not sometimes, their inner shields opened and closed like shutters in a hurricane. Then the shutters didn't seem to matter at all because they could feel through them, or around them, or...something. It was an interesting story - just not one that pulled at me or made much of an impression other than "huh. that was interesting."