Past Due - Elizabeth Seckman Unfortuately, this one ended up on the DNF pile. I really wanted to like it since it takes place on one of my favorite places as well as my hometown. This sort of set me up for failure, unfortunately, since I kept being torn out of the story by what I call "Google Maps mistakes." When Jenna leaves the island, she talks of driving over the "Herbert C Bonner Bridge." Locals call it the Oregon Inlet bridge. Same goes with her description of downtown Norfolk. It's not really a "busy port city." Hmmm, kinda. But downtown not so much. And it's on the Elizabeth River, not the James, and... you get the point.That was just the first straw. The second was the main character's name - I think it's supposed to be Trey, but for some reason, the author is giving it the French spelling of "Tres" and I kept saying "Trez" in my head.The one that broke the camel was Jenna. God I wanted to smack her one. Was she strong independent woman? Or was she whimpering "he's going to hate me" woman? I also wasn't expecting all the exposition to come so quickly. I mean, barely at 40% on the Kindle and I knew both sides. I got to 50% and the main adversary, the mother, had already admitted her culpability.When I realized I was skimming through it and only reading a few snippets of dialogue to track the story, I gave up and closed it.