Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park As I understand it, the author was part of the huge kerfuffle not long ago involving authors getting nasty and pushing boundaries that shouldn't be pushed. Maybe if I'd been reading/read this when it all started I would have more of an emotional investment in the outrage. Maybe it'll matter that I didn't spend money on this, choosing instead to use Amazon's lending library.Maybe it won't matter. But I loved this story. Loved it so much I read until 2 am (even though I get up at 6am for work), I was half an hour late coming back from lunch, and when I got home from work, I bought the family dinner at Five Guys, and didn't move until after I'd finished the whole thing. It was that engaging, the love story that beautiful and heartwrenching. Celeste killed me, Julie intrigued me, and Matty. God. I don't even. I was slow to figure it all out but up until that moment I was so damned torn. Beautiful story. Surprising depth. And just a truly lovely read.