Hysteria - Megan Miranda What did I just read?That was my first reaction when I finished the book. I actually sat there, looking at the Acknowledgements page and couldn't pull the frown off my face.Seriously, what did I just read?I'll start by saying I loved her first book, Fracture. I loved it a lot. It was a little paranormal but mostly it was about coping, and about choices and the life you want to lead over the one people tell you that you should lead. It was funny in places, emotional, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time.Her second book...It was like she couldn't decide what she wanted it to be. Paranormal? Contemporary? Was the main love story between a girl and a guy or two girls? Was Mallory being haunted? Stalked? Terrorized? And if so, by whom?I get that Mallory was traumatized by what happened the night she killed her boyfriend in self-defense. Who wouldn't be? I also get that the human brain is a complex organ and has an amazing ability to protect even as it tortures. I also get that writers want to keep mystery in their stories - the constant "who done it" storyline that keeps the reader engaged, the fun little hints and red herrings all leading up to that big Ah Ha moment when the plot reaches its climax and everything comes together, memories are recovered and the resolution leads us off into the sunset.I never got the feeling that we had that moment with this story because it was trying to be too many different things at once. It didn't even feel like plot and subplot. There were Mallory's memories of That Night, her experiences at night, her relationship with Colleen, the restraining order against Brian's mother, Reid, Krista and Crew, and then Jason. And to me - they didn't compliment each other. Instead, they tended to work against each other, especially at the end.Was it worth the read? Definitely. And Reid is just lovely and constant and wonderful. But it was a bit of a letdown, too. I'm hoping that this was only sophomore novel syndrome and that she'll come back with a third that's stronger.