Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep I had this on preorder from the second it was available, so it was delivered to my Kindle at 3am on Christmas Eve. I had this grand plan. I was going to hold on to it for a month, maybe two. Keep the wait between books 4 and 5 a little less.As you can see, I didn't make it. I regret nothing.I stumbled onto this series by accident...and it was the happiest stumble ever.So onto Crimson Frost. Without spoiling anything, I have to say that when I realized just *why* she called this one "crimson" frost, my heart dropped into my stomach. There may or may not have been a primal scream in there, too.God. My emotions.I felt for Gwen, wrongfully accused in front of the whole school full of Mean Girls who already mostly look at her with contempt at best. I have to say I love the way she handled it (yeah, the scene with the gyffon at the library steps had me freaking cheering in my chair. When the thing started growling, I made many, many happy sounds.)And Logan. I can't help it. I still get shivers when he calls her Gypsy Girl. He's strong, badass, but mostly I love the way they banter with each other and how just...comfortable they were together. After three books of dancing around and denial it was just so lovely to see them together and even see Gwen a little nervous about it.Speaking of nerves - Alexi and Oliver. That was an unexpected and utterly delightful side plot.I still, of course, want to kick Linus in his big stupid face. I said recently in my review of Obsidian that I hated middle books in longer series because they're just that - filler to get to somewhere else. Not this one. It told it's own story, beginning, middle and end as well as furthering the main plot arc. It was exciting, engaging, maddening (plot-wise) and delightful...yet still makes me want book 5 to be available soon. Like yesterday.And all of this...with nary a love triangle in sight. Glory.