Touch - Jus Accardo This isn't going to be a very long review because...there isn't a whole lot to say. It was one of those I finished only to find out what happened, but only on the most clinical level. And, to be honest, I skimmed a lot of it to get to there.Kale was a less likeable version of Adam from Blast from the Past only because it wasn't consistent. He didn't know things that would be comic relief (the flash drive, etc.) but he could dance like Fred Astaire and know enough about love to convince Dez he was in love with her so they could have sex. Mmmhmm.Dez. On a superficial level, the name irked me (and considering I don't mind the name Renesmee, it takes a *lot* to raise the irked flag in my camp.) On a character one? I dunno. I can get the bad girl to get daddy's attention angle, but the scene with Alex left me more thinking her kind of skeezy more than searching for comfort. If Kale was going to keep her from getting down and dirty with her ex, I'd have bought it long before she got naked. Not once she was.Then there was the plot. I'm a fan of mystery. Love reading for clues and trying to figure it out. I'm all for author deceptions and red herrings and trap doors. I'm less of a fan of fake reveals and the "I'm here to help you..." "no, they're not helping you, *i'm* helping you" "psych! you believed those two, *i'm* the one really helping...but I'm going to fuck up your life in the process." More than one or two ah-ha moments feels more like an attempt to stretch out the story than to really craft a clever mystery.I was leery of this one from the start, and I'm glad I gave it a shot, but this series is going to go on without me, I think.