Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins Ah, one of those times where reading a YA book as an adult hinders the process just a little.I call it the smack factor...or how many times I wanted to reach through the kindle screen and give Anna a good smack in the head. The author in me wants to call it a flaw in her character development...but then my head reminds me that 44 has a way of forgetting the impulsive nature of 17. Then I remember, and I realize how well she was written and how true to life.The only real thing that knocked this down a star was pacing. In this case, the whole bit with Dave. While it was a necessary plot twist, and lead to the ultimate end-game of their story, it seemed sort of thrown in. "We kissed, we were dating, it goes boom." Even with that little bump in the pace, Anna's story is a strong one and written in such a delightfully refreshing voice that I laughed out loud several times. I could hear Anna in my head so clearly, it felt like she was sitting across the room from me, curled up on her bed, and telling me all about her nine months in Paris. And Etienne. Beautiful, flawed, uncertain, angry. Everything. I loved and hated him for all those things, mostly, though, because he *wasn't* the perfect guy. He made mistakes, he screwed up huge, but in the end, it was the way they learned from them that won the day.I'm never going to look at Notre Dame the same way again, either.*other reviews on my blog