Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry I need more stars.This book, in short, blew me away. The realism of the characters, their very real pain as they worked through their very different problems and the way they found each other, lost each other, and found their way back.Even though it dealt with very real issues, the story maintained a heavy dose of real. Yes, both characters had problems, they had anger and sorrow and confusion. But that wasn't *all* they had. They also smiled some, laughed some. When the heartbreak came there was sadness, maybe even a little emo, but it wasn't the all consuming angst-fest I've seen in other books.I think what I loved most was that Noah was a guy. Kind of reminiscent of Reid in Webber's Between the Lines series - when he was a dick, he thought it, he knew it...and did it anyway. Felt bad after, yeah, but it didn't stop him. As the mother of an 18 year old, I could see my son and his friends acting just like this. Soft centers, especially concerning the ones they hold in their hearts, but still the same gruff exterior they show the world.Echo's journey to remembering was as painful as Noah's struggle about his brothers, both of which wrenched my heart into pieces at times. Wrenched, then soothed, then angered, then made my heart sing.I got this book as a library book on my kindle...but I know for damn sure that I'll be buying my own copy to reread often.