My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick I am in love with this story and have book hangover all over the place.I loved Sam to pieces, even as she broke my heart. Her secondary characters were rich and well fleshed out, too. Again, even as they broke what was left of my heart. The story itself was so engaging that I spent the last two hours at work today with my Kindle Cloud reader open on my work computer to finish it because I could not stop reading after lunch today.The only thing that pulls the rating down from 5 stars is Jase's family. George running around without pants all the time (when he's clearly of an age where he could put them back on easily on his own.) If this is such a close community where Sam's mother is always watching them, someone (and probably Sam's mom) would have called Child Services. Also, the mother doing things like walking around while nursing a child old enough to walk and talk. As well as the constant references to her doing this every time Sam saw her. I have nothing against nursing mothers, have nothing but respect for them especially as I wasn't able to nurse my own, but as a mother of two - the logistics of holding a toddler with one arm while nursing just doesn't fly. I guess what I wish most is that they had been kept as a working class family rather than something closer to trailertrash.That small glitch aside, I loved every member of that family. From Alice to Patsy.And Tim. God, how I loved Tim. Just. So much. So much that I hope she revisits this world for him, so we know what happens to him, and maybe a further resolution with Nan and Sam.Highly recommend.