The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #2) - Michelle Hodkin Yet another book that illustrates why I almost never read trilogies until they're complete. In fact, I only read Unbecoming because I saw the second one and the description called it a sequel. For some reason, I interpreted that as conclusion. Damn it.So now here I sit. For a year. A YEAR. A BLOODY YEAR.Only one word fits here. And it rhymes with fire truck. Sorta.Anyway. Rant over. Onto Evolution.Overall, I liked it. The part of me that reads these types of books all the time knew there were things under the surface, that what I was being lead to believe probably wasn't the way it really was...but even with that skeptical mindset, I still didn't see the twists coming. Or the blindsides. Full marks there. And can I just add my everlasting joy that there is no triangle in this series? No triangle and I'm still riveted. What a concept!I loved Noah as much in this as I did in Unbecoming. Every sardonic, sarcastic word out of his mouth. "You'll do." indeed. Only Noah can get away with saying something like that and making it sound sexy as hell. And I was tickled to see Jamie back again. Probably should have perked up my radar, but at the time I was too thrilled to have him back in the story. The bits from Mara's genetic memory, if that's what it is, creeped me out just slightly and the part when Mara finds the composition book sent chills up my spine in a way they haven't since I read The Shining back in high school.I'm pretty sure I'm going to reread both of these again, to see if any of the questions I have are hidden in there, but probably not until we're closer to Retribution.So now the wait begins. And the questions start to turn around in my head. The one that really pokes at me (and the one that's not a spoiler), though, is what does Mara's mother know (because she knows something, for a woman so intent on getting Mara to talk, she clams up tight whenever her own mother is mentioned.) Damned trilogies. Damned cliffhangers.My former readers would call this payback for the torture I once inflicted on them. Though in my own defense, I rarely made them wait more than a month.*also posted to my blog here