Easy - Tammara Webber I'm going to be right up front. This is one of the rare books I loved to the point of dancing, twirling, immediately going back and re-reading sections. There aren't many of them, but they do happen.Easy pulled me in and held me until the very last page. Fair warning, however, if you have strong rape triggers, you might want to give this a pass. The Good:* The sorority girls reactions to Buck's actions and the temptation to sweep his crime under a rug in the name of not making waves with their brother fraternity were uncomfortably spot on. Groupthink at its worst. The fact that they rally around their sisters, even to the point one girl loses the guy she loves, warmed my heart.* Lucas. Oh Lucas. Intriguing to read a older young adult novel where the heroine is not the troubled, damaged one. His story broke my heart into a thousand pieces, and his tentative approach with Jacqueline touched the eternal romance junkie inside me.* The emails between Jacqueline and "Landon" were well done and there weren't any cheats there - no ways the author deliberately misled the reader to keep the suspense up.* Jacqueline and Lucas' whole story - the whole way they gravitated around each other until the pull was just too strong to deny, even though Lucas tried.The Meh: * Kennedy - I didn't really connect with him, or figure out why Jacqueline was soo taken with him that she went to pieces for two weeks after they broke up.* I have my own rape triggers, so parts of this were difficult to read, but when Jacqueline was able to think her way through the way he trapped her in the stairwell helped. Okay, it wasn't on calibre with Lisbeth Salander's revenge, but she was able to get herself to safety. The Bad:* Buck. I wanted to kick him in the teeth...and I cheered loudly when it happened.The Summation:Just writing this retro-review makes me want to read it again. Highly recommend this book. And anything by this author, for that matter. Her Between the Lines series is an interesting spin on a young adult story, told from differing points of view, but better for it because you tend to draw conclusions that aren't always right (and she writes guys really well - which means they act, and think, like guys. Not girls with junk in their jeans.