Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3) - Amanda Hocking Spoilers ahoyI'm at 51% on my kindle...and I'm not even going to finish it.Seriously? Loki? What the actual eff? So let me get this straight - Finn comes back to her with a ring, wants to give her one night since she'll be Tove's (the night before before she's married, mind you) and Wendy gets all offended and shoves him off of her and basically sends him packing.Then she sleeps with Loki, while she's MARRIED, and then tell Loki it was only for that night and suddenly that's fine?Nope. I'm done right there.And lest anyone think that this is all Ship Sour Grapes because my "Team" didn't win, it's not. It's about believability in storytelling. I never found Loki as anything but just what Tove called him...a dick. When, exactly, did he fall in love with her? Writing is about showing, not telling and to my mind, and many others, apparently, she failed there. Wendy might have felt some mystical "connection" to him but I never felt it, he never did anything but act like an arrogant 'yeah, you know you want me' jerk.Not to mention that I lost all respect for Wendy when she not only fell into bed with Loki, but did so while her husband was sick in the next room. "My husband went crazy from using this powers, here, let's go screw in the other room but just for this one night, k?"I've read a few other reviews about how the book winds up and I'll tell you this, I'm glad I didn't finish it. I would have ended up throwing my kindle across the room.I agree with the reviewer that said this was like Bella ditching Edward, bypassing Jacob, and marrying Mike Newton. Ugh.