How to Date a Nerd - Cassie Mae

This is a hard one. Like the last contemporary I read, it's a cute story for what it is. it was also very hard not to continually draw parallels to The Summer I Became a Nerd. The storylines were similar but different enough to leave me enjoying it as well, if not better.


I had a few technical issues with this one mostly language. I've said it before with authors that allow their personal stances on certain things to bleed into their characters. In this one, it's the use of "hecka" instead of "hella" and "dang" instead of "damn." Petty? Sure, and maybe if Zoe didn't swear at all it wouldn't have been such a big thing. But a girl who binge drinks and says "shit" isn't going to blink too much at the relatively vanilla swear words like hell and damn, to my mind anyway. It just pulled me out of the story.